Cervical traction devices are used in the treatment of back pain and neck pain. The cervical spine is located in the neck and is made up of nine bones including the neck, the upper cervical spine and the cervical spine. Due to a neck muscle spasm or an injury to the neck this part of the body can become affected and give rise to neck pain, stiffness and instability. This is a common ailment that affects women more than any other category of people. Using a cervical traction device helps to reduce pain, spasm and allows the muscles to relax.

The first cervical traction device was introduced about twenty years ago but it was a little cumbersome and so a physical therapist was the only person who could use it. Since then the technology has advanced and a lot of doctors’ saw that patients were able to gain relief from their condition using this method. A cervical traction device levilawny is basically a chair that has a chair bottom that is fitted with a mechanism that causes a traction type of force. The force applied on the chair bottom is in the form of pulling or pushing by the patient using his or her hands. This force helps to stretch the area and relax muscles that get tight due to strain and help restore mobility to the joints and cartilage.

When a patient uses a cervical traction device he or she will be encouraged to relax the muscles and use their hands to gently pull down on the lower part of their spine. By doing this the muscles and ligaments that get tense as a result of neck pain and other ailments are loosened. It also helps to increase the mobility in the area of the neck. These devices can either be purchased or rented from a physical therapist’s clinic. You can either use one of these cervical traction devices when you go to the clinic to get your treatment or even on your own at home.